2021 Platform of the Kirkkonummi Greens

A Green Kirkkonummi is pleasant, sustainable, and accessible

Sustainable and community-oriented construction

  • Let’s turn the town centers into pleasant places for meeting people that also attract businesses, services, and bustling markets.
  • Let’s build a variety of different homes ranging from small houses to apartment buildings. Let’s ensure that family apartments are also available in the densely built town centers.
  • Let’s improve cycling and walking conditions throughout Kirkkonummi. Let’s create barrier-free and safe surroundings suitable for children, the elderly, and special needs groups.
  • Let’s promote wood construction and the use of renewable energy in buildings.
  • Let’s make sure Kirkkonummi’s carbon neutrality goals are taken into account in decision-making. Let’s require climate-effect assessments and climate-sustainable solutions in urban planning.
  • Let’s promote public transportation by providing seamless bus connections, more trains, and lower ticket prices.

Defending valuable nature and creating good living environments

  • Let’s turn closeness to nature and respect for nature into principles that apply to all municipal development!
  • Let’s establish new conservation and recreation areas and add trails and shelters. Let’s restore and take care of valuable natural environments.
  • Let’s return migratory fish to Kirkkonummi’s streams and improve the state of its lakes and coastal waters.
  • Let’s protect valuable nature in urban planning and construction projects. Let’s strengthen the network of green spaces and preserve the large and uninterrupted Central Forest.
  • Let’s reinforce the biodiversity, recreational values, and carbon sinks of Kirkkonummi’s forests. Let’s keep the principle of “10 minutes from home to forest”.
  • Let’s reduce and prevent noise and construction projects that harm residential areas and nature.

Improving employment and Kirkkonummi’s economy

  • Let’s support the employment of people of all ages and in all situations.
  • Let’s invest in the future with high-quality services that support Kirkkonummi’s vitality. Let’s keep the town attractive and its population growing.
  • Let’s make the circular economy, accessible digital services, and energy and material efficiency part of everyday life.
  • Let’s improve conditions for self-employment and starting a business by offering SMEs advice and municipal services at a single counter.
  • Let’s improve Kirkkonummi’s procurement know-how and make sustainable high-quality procurements, which are also less expensive in the long run.
  • Let’s improve the conditions for working from home and the availability of work premises for startups, the self-employed, and teleworkers.

A Green Kirkkonummi is open and inclusive

  • Let’s make Kirkkonummi’s decision-making processes more open and prevent structural corruption. Let’s increase politicians’ and citizens’ awareness of the principles of good governance and promote information-based decision-making.
  • Let’s increase the possibilities of children and adolescents, special needs groups, and the elderly to participate in decisions that affect them.
  • Let’s involve the town residents in developing the town. Let’s promote projects in which residents themselves can plan future residential areas and their surroundings. Let’s try participatory budgeting to find the best results.
  • Let’s ensure the integration of immigrants and that they find their place as members of the community.
  • Let’s recognize bilingualism and international connections and influences among Kirkkonummi’s strengths.
  • Let’s proactively prevent and intervene in racism, bullying, and discrimination.

A Green Kirkkonummi ensures everyone’s wellbeing

  • Let’s make basic and local services more customer oriented and better available.
  • Let’s make sure there is enough staff taking care of senior citizens. Let’s ensure that living at home is safe and also create high-quality nursing homes.
  • Let’s protect the rights of family caregivers and their support services. They have the right to get support and the right to rest and leisure.
  • Let’s make sure disabled people get and have equal access to the same services. This requires arranging transportation services that support flexible mobility and participation.
  • Let’s ensure enough resources for child protection. Let’s improve family services so they can be quickly accessed in case of need and before problems get worse.
  • Let’s develop low-threshold social services. Let’s strengthen preventive services and improve the resources of drug abuse treatment and prevention.
  • Let’s make sure that low-threshold mental health services provide help to all who need it.

A Green Kirkkonummi invests in education and culture

Equal right to high-quality education in early childhood and school

  • Let’s ensure healthy and safe learning environments by preventing indoor air problems through timely repairs. Premises that cannot be repaired need to be replaced.
  • Let’s ensure resources for support and welfare services that children and adolescents need during their studies. Let’s make sure group sizes in early childhood education and schools are small enough.
  • Let’s organize morning and afternoon activities in schools and increase collaboration with sports and culture organizations. Let’s implement a hobby guarantee.
  • Let’s increase environmental education and lessons in nature. Let’s protect woods and parks near daycare centers also for use in nature lessons.
  • Let’s prevent cuts that affect teaching staff and ensure enough funds for substitutes. Let’s direct more resources to the education of teachers and make sure that they’re not overworked.
  • Let’s make Kirkkonummi more child oriented and increase the fulfillment of each child’s rights in everyday life.

Culture, hobbies, and libraries provide wellbeing for all

  • Let’s develop libraries into local culture centers for all Kirkkonummi residents that enable everyone’s participation.
  • Let’s promote wellbeing by improving the availability of cultural services and increasing cultural offerings for all Kirkkonummi residents.
  • Let’s increase budget allocations for culture and improve the nonprofit sector’s ability to create cultural services for Kirkkonummi residents. Let’s support grassroots cultural activities by providing inexpensive premises.
  • Let’s maintain and create possibilities for many different kinds of sports and fitness activities for everyone and support their civic organizations. Let’s make sure that the activities popular in Kirkkonummi get equal possibilities and premises.